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At the start of 2023 I decided I wanted to raise money for a local dog rescue. Everyone has been left struggling by the cost of living crisis, and that includes the dog rescues that are so passionate about the work they do.

So I came up with the idea of creating a coffee table book, an initiative not only aimed at raising funds but also to celebrate the resilience and stories of rescued and rehomed dogs. And I was delighted to partner up with North London based All Dogs Matter.

All Dogs Matter


Ira Moss and actor and patron Peter Egan founded All Dogs Matter in November 2009. What started as a small operation in a back room has now become a very well regarded dog rescue, rescuing thousands of dogs since its humble beginnings. Each year, All Dogs Matter sees 300 to 400 dogs coming through their doors, that’s about one a day.

All Dogs Matter identifies dogs in need through their many partnerships, including local councils and vets, as well individuals who are no longer able to care for their dog. Their aim is to ensure that the dogs they rescue will be looked after and loved for the rest of their lives.

Their dedicated foster carer team often foster the dogs before they are rehomed with their new family.

The Team

General Manager Ira Moss leads the small but dedicated team at All Dogs Matter. She has a wealth of dog welfare experience and is clearly dedicated to helping as many dogs as she possibly can. Ira is mum to Frenchie Mimi, the charity’s ambassador!

All Dogs Matter founder Ira Moss with her Frenchie Mimi
Ira Moss with her dog Mimi!

Alongside Ira in the office you will also find Laura Hedges and Philly Stock, plus of course office greeter Charley the Terrier, and snack tester and doorbell Walter the Dachshund.

Ira is supported behind the scenes by a wonderful team looking after the dogs in the kennels, as well as the amazing volunteers that includes foster carers, home checkers and drivers.


All Dogs Matter couldn’t survive if it wasn’t for the generous donations they receive. More and more dogs that they rescue require veterinary treatment, with the average dog costing the charity £1,000. These costs limit the number of dogs they are able to take in each year.

The rescue holds a variety of events throughout the year, including dog shows, themed dog walks, fashion shows, and much more! All these events help to bring awareness to this great charity, and bring in much needed funds to help dogs in need.

To give you an idea of how much it costs to look after a rescued dog before it is rehomed, £5 would feed a dog for a day, £10 gives the dog a warm kennel for the night, and £100 covers the cost of vaccinations and microchipping.

Office greeter Charley the Terrier!

Coffee Table Book


So I’d come up with this great idea of a coffee table book, featuring All Dogs Matter dogs, to raise much needed funds for the charity, but now I needed to find the dogs that were going to feature in it!

With the help of All Dogs Matter and their mailing list and social media, we made everyone who had rehomed a dog aware of the opportunity, and the applications started rolling in!

I whittled down the applications until we were left with 37 amazing dogs who were going to feature in the book.

The Photoshoots

Between April and August 2023, I held sessions at 20 different locations from Guildford, to Norfolk, and across London. Fees from these sessions were donated in full to All Dogs Matter.

During those sessions I was honoured to meet some truly wonderful people who had rehomed a rescue dog, all of whom raved about Ira and her team.

The dogs themselves were a delight to photograph. We had a range of breeds, including Greyhounds, Staffies and Yorkshire Terriers. All had their personal story of how they had come to be rescued and subsequently rehomed. Some stories brought tears to my eyes; there were the dogs that had been found abandoned including one found in a box with his legs tied together, and those that had been rescued from dog meat farms in China and South Korea. Despite having horrific starts to their lives, these dogs had found happiness and love in their forever homes.

The Book

After much editing of the photos I’d taken over many months, it was time to put the book together. It was a learning curve to start with, having never created a book before, but it was a process I very much enjoyed.

Much thought and care was put into the layout of the book. Each dog had a two page spread featuring their backstory that I wrote in conjunction with their owners, as well as three of my favourite images – a mix of portrait and action photos.

I eagerly awaited delivery of the books – about 60kg of books was delivered to my front door! I was delighted with the final product; a hard cover A4 coffee table book. And thankfully all the dog owners who had taken part loved them too and loved seeing their dog in print! And with the book coming out in November it made a unique Christmas gift.

Mockup of the All Dogs Matter book

I was so pleased to have come up with the idea back in January 2023 and even more pleased that we raised over £2,000 for All Dogs Matter to help them continue their work of rescuing and rehoming dogs. And I was delighted that BBC London wrote a piece on me and the money I had raised.

If you’re thinking of rehoming a dog, please do take a look at the dogs that All Dogs Matter are currently looking for homes for.

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