Sunday Walkies to the Well Bean Co Cafe

Most Sundays, mummy takes me for a long walk in the morning. All the ways from Royal Victoria Dock to the end of Royal Albert Dock. It’s a nice walk, along the water, past the airport which is quiet on Sunday mornings.


There are often rowers out on the dock, training or taking part in races. Sometimes their coaches shout at them when they’re not working hard enough, chuckle chuckle. Me thinks I’d make a good cox, would sit at the back of the boat and barks and barks at them to make them go faster. Sometimes they leave their shoes and stuff on the side of the dock but mummy won’t let me pinch any of them, or pee on them for that matter…

The Well Bean Co Cafe

At the end of Royal Albert Dock, and halfway through our walkies is a cafe, called the Well Bean Co Cafe. The Cafe was opened by Charlie Claydon. A bit like mummy, Charlie used to work in finance but wanted a change of career. When he became vegan he missed chocolate and created a plant based version of chocolate. His chocolate factory and cafe were born.

Lazy mummy and the lovely Rita (she often joins us for walkies) like to have a sit down hallway through the walk so the cafe is the perfect pitstop. They have plenty of seating indoors or, if it’s a nice day, we sits outside on the tables by the dock.

A cockapoo at the The Well Bean Co Cafe
Sitting nicely outside the Well Bean Co Cafe

Now, me is not vegan hoomans. Me likes meat and fish too much. But, I will eats anything. So if mummy and Rita have somefing to munch on at the cafe, then me will happily taste some of it.

The Well Bean Co Cafe’s signature drink is their hot chocolate, which mummy and Rita love. It’s rich and smooth. Me not allowed any so I often get a babyccino, a nice cup of warm vegan milk. Mummy lets it cool down so that it doesn’t burn me tongue, but then I lap it all up. Yum yum.

The Well Bean Co Cafe vegan hot chocolate
Hooman vegan hot chocolate

But this past weekend, mummy asked them if they could give me a small cup of cream instead, a puppuccino. Oh my days, it was amazing. Didn’t last long once I got me tongue in the cup. Ended up with it all in me beard. Ooops.

Sometimes mummy and Rita will have some food to cos, unlike me, they is super greedy. Vegan sausage and cheese toasties. Vegan doughnuts. I often gets a bit of toast or sausage, I need to quality check it after all…

Charity Work

Charlie and the Well Bean Co Cafe do a lot for mental health charities too, giving both their time and money. Hoomans, it’s very important to look after your mental health. Doggos like me can be good for your mental health, we help to reduce stress and anxiety (what’s that you’re saying mummy – me increases your stress? She so rude. “Stop looking over me shoulder whilst I write me blog….”)

Time to head home

Bellies full, it’s time to walk home. Me feeling a little sleepy I must admit. So I walks nicely next to mummy, no energy to keep stopping and sniffing. I’ll probably have 5 minutes of zoomies once we get home and then settle down for a nice nap, dreaming of babyccinos and puppuccinos….


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