Embarking on a professional photoshoot for your cherished canine companion is an exciting journey, but the journey doesn’t end once the photos are captured.

After witnessing the timeless beauty of your dog through my lens, the question lingers – how do you intend to showcase these exquisite moments? While a USB stick might house the images, reality often sees digital treasures languishing in the depths of memory cards.

I propose a different approach – a daily visual feast by adorning your walls or coffee table with these captivating images.

My offerings, sourced from a renowned UK-based lab, encompass a spectrum of award-winning, handcrafted products using top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology.

From classic framed prints to modern metal prints and canvas print wraps, each option is meticulously designed to bring out the best in your dog’s portraits. So, before you lay eyes on the images, envision where and how you’ll proudly display them.

Join me as I unveil a myriad of presentation possibilities, from stunning wall art to albums and portfolio boxes, ensuring your dog’s images receive the spotlight they truly deserve.

Wall Art

All Wall Art comes in a range of sizes. If you’re looking for a real statement piece a 40″x30″ framed print should do the trick! The metal prints and canvas print wraps can be even bigger, up to a massive 60″x40″!

Framed Prints

You can’t go wrong with a classic framed print; for hanging in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or just about any room in your home. With a range of frame styles and colours you’ll be able to find the perfect fit.

I can offer you contemporary, lifestyle, traditional, or vintage styles. Maybe you’re looking for a minimalist frame with high gloss finish, or a rustic yet chic wooden frame. Or a deep wood frame with subtle texture frame. Well, I’ve got you covered!

All prints will be double mounted within the frame to really make the image stand out. The colour of the mount will be chosen to compliment both the image and the frame.

You’re not constrained by one image per frame either. So if you’d like to display more than one image, but have limited space, or budget, then you have the option to display up to 24 images in one frame (the number of images is dependent upon the size of the frame).

Three images of a Tibetan Spaniel displayed in a rustic, chic frame
A rustic, chic frame with three images of a Tibetan Spaniel

Metal Prints

If you’re looking for an ultra modern way to display your images, then this is for you. Using industry-renowned technology, your chosen image is printed directly onto a thin aluminium panel.

Believe me when I say the colours really do pop. The high gloss finish allows the image to gain depth and it creates a beautiful shine with its reflective surface.

Whilst I’m showing examples here with the standard four sides, you could instead choose a circular or octagonal shape to really give it a modern feel.
Three images of a Terrier printed onto thin aluminium and displayed on the wall of a lounge

Canvas Print Wrap

No matter the style of your home, a canvas print wrap is guaranteed to fit right in! They are handcrafted to give a professional feel, and are laminated to stand the test of time.

And for these reasons, canvas print wraps also make great presents!

Presentation Products

Albums and portfolio boxes are a great way of displaying your dog’s images, especially if you don’t have the wall space for hanging artwork. They can still be looked at and enjoyed every day!


Albums are a great way of displaying a large number of images; so if you’re struggling to pick your favourite images, then an album could be ideal for you. You can choose to include all images from your photoshoot.

At 12″x10″, these albums will fit perfectly on your coffee table, for you and your guests to peruse at your leisure.

There is a wide range of page layouts to choose from; and you’d be included in the design process so that the album showcases the images exactly as you want. With layflat pages, you can choose to have your favourite images spread across two pages with no break.

And with a range of colours to choose from for the cover, every last detail will be personalised, including the text that will adorn the front cover.

Portfolio Box

I like to think that these boxes are somewhere between an album and wall art. Let me explain. At 10″x8″ these portfolio boxes are similar in size to the album. And like an album they will be personalised with your choice of colour for both the cover and interior of the box, and text on the front cover.

Inside you can choose to include up to 25 matted prints. You could decide to put one or more these into a frame and hang them on the wall. Or, the portfolio box comes with a lovely little easel that holds one matted print. So you can display one image, and then swap it out for another.

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas of how you can display your dog’s images. Having taken the step to have professional photos taken of your dog, they really do deserve to take pride of place in your home!

Please see my Investment page for starting prices for these fabulous products.

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