Do you charge extra for travel?

I cover London and the South-East of England.  If you are based outside of that area, I will charge an extra travel fee - please contact me to discuss. 

I have more than two dogs, can they be included in the session?

Yes, but there is an additional cost of £50 per dog.

What if my dog isn't very well behaved?

Yes it's easier to work with a dog that will sit, stand, lie down on command!  But it's still possible to take great images of your dog even if they're not that well behaved!

A location that is quiet will help to reduce the number of distractions.

Most importantly you need to stay relaxed!

What if my dog is nervous/anxious?

My dog Schlappohr is a nervous dog - he can be reactive towards both people and dogs.  Whilst I'm not a trained behaviourist I have read LOTS of books and articles on the topic of reactive dogs and taken advice from trained behaviourists.  So I do understand the various Dos and Don'ts e.g. Do ignore, Don't make eye contact, Don't touch.  

 I also use a zoom lens for the majority of my photos, so I don't need to get close to your dog and would only do so if they were comfortable!

What if I can't let my dog be off-lead?

Not a problem!  Whilst you won't see any images in my portfolio with the dog on-lead, in reality a lot of those dogs were on-lead!  Part of my editing process is to remove the lead so you'd never know it was there!

Can I/my family be in the photos?

My speciality is dog photography, so the majority of the photos will be be focussed on your furry friend.  I do however like to show the bond between owner and dog, such as images of your dog shaking your hand.  Should you have specific images in mind, please do contact me to discuss. 

What if the weather isn't good?

We are at the mercy of the great British weather!  Ahead of our session, I keep a close eye on the weather forecast.  Should the forecast look like rain or heavy cloud, we will need to reschedule as it will be hard to get good images.

What if I need to reschedule?

I completely understand that due to a variety of reasons you may need to reschedule the session.  You may reschedule the session ONCE, otherwise you will lose the session fee.

If you cancel the session with less than 72 hours notice, you will lose the session fee.