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It’s all about me, not her.
Furbaby of a dog photographer.

The Early Days of the Furbaby of a Dog Photographer

Welcome furiends, and their hoomans, to my blog. I is here to help you furiends – to tells your hoomans about fun places to take you. About doggy toys and foods that I loves, and know you will loves too. And to help with training tips cos I is super clever and know lots of commands.

I is called Schlappohr. A unique name you’ll agree. Means ‘floppy ear’ in German. I is a cockapoo, born on December 6, 2018. I has just had me fird birfday. Us cockapoos are funny little fings, with such unique characters. Check out more about me and my fellow cockapoos here.

A couple of months after I was born, when I was still a tiny floofball, a lady came to see me. I liked her and gave her kisses and wagged me tail. She liked me too and took me to her home in London. Her name is Emma and she is now my mummy (or mother when I is in a mood with her).

I was homesick for a few days but soon got used to life with mummy. I was sleeping through the night after 3 weeks, much to mummy’s relief (she a right grump if she don’t sleeps).

My Mummy the London Dog Photographer

Mummy was working looong hours in an office. Don’t worry furiends, me was not neglected. I had a blast going to doggy day care. But mummy soon realised she wanted to spend more time with me. Who can blames her? Look at me. I is super cute. So she quits her job. What we gonna do for money mummy? I needs feeding. She tells me that she wants to meet lots of other doggos and make special memories for their hoomans. So she became a dog photographer!

Enough about her. You want to know more about me. Right? If you really wants to know more about her and her love of dog photography, check out this page.

My 3 Favourite Fings

I has sooo much to tell you. Where to begin?

Let’s start with my top 3 favourite fings (mummy didn’t make the cut, sorry mummy. Stop your whining):

  • Food. Food. Food. Pretty much any type of food. Cooked. Raw. Cold. Hot. Food. Also non-food fings, like tissues, specially dirty tissues I find when we is out walking. I can often be found with me head in the dishwasher looking for crumbs. Or in a bin. Who knows what delights are to be found. Yum yum.
  • Balls. The kind you catch. Chase. Chew. Rip to bits. Balls. Sometimes I gets 2 or 3 in my mouth. I has a big mouth.
  • Tickles. Tummy tickles. Back tickles. Head tickles. On demand. Stop what you’re doing mummy and tickle. Do it properly otherwise I gives you side-eye.

Other fings

There are so many other fings I love, like swimming and getting muddy. But I saves some stories for another day.

I has a few nicknames. Little man. Monkey. Sweetie. Bubba. Some other fings mummy calls me when I is naughty (hard to believe right?) but I can’t repeat.

One other fing you need to know is I is a reactive dog. Don’t make me bad. Just don’t like hoomans or doggos I don’t know. And it takes me long, long, long time to get to like a new hooman. I wears a snazzy yellow vest from Yellow Dogs UK telling hoomans to stay away! But the hoomans and doggos I like, I really likes. I wiggle like crazy when I sees them. And they get lots and lots of kisses.

My fave hoomans and furiends

Gonna give a woof out to my faves. Apart from mummy, me loves grandad. Rita. She mummy’s friend (not furiend cos she not hairy). She lovely. She gives me cheese. Did I mentions I likes food? I steals her socks, specially like the unwashed ones.

Then there’s my dog walkers Lauren and Karen from the fantastic Summer and Co Pet Care. I has been going to them since I was a pupster. They introduced me to all my furiends. They pick me up for walkies and me has a little sniff around in the van to see if I finds crumbs. Did I mentions I likes food?

Debra is new friend from Doggy Holidays. She stayed with me before Christmas when mummy abandoned me to go away with Rita. I still barks at her when I sees her though. Don’t want her thinking she won me over. She bribed me with treatos. Did I mentions I likes food? And there are some others I am starting to like. Slowly.

And then there’s all me furiends. Most of them are my besties. Alfie. Rogue. Musia. Lady Di. Eddie. Picasso. Ginny. And not forgetting my fellow cockapoos – Bernard and Gizmo (me and Gizmo squabble sometimes but we loves each other). Don’t howl furiends if me not mentioned you by name. I forgets some names, but I remembers your smell.

I is tired now. Blogging is hard work and me not used to it. Needs a nap. But I will be back soon. Keep an eye out.

Till next time furiends. Lots of licks xxx

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