How to teach a dog to lie down – off to the classroom

Furiends, it’s that time again. Another training tip. Remember, training is fun cos you get treatos. So listen up. I will teach you how to lie down.

Now, of course all us doggos know how to lie down. I mean, we lies down to sleep right? But sometimes hoomans want us to lie down when they says so. As long as it’s not on a cold floor and I get treatos then ok, I will lie down when you say so mummy. Mummy likes getting dogs to lie down on her dog photoshoots, specially in some long grass. She says it looks artistic.

To be able to lie down on command furiends, you first needs to be able to sit. If you can’t, check out this post here. Learn that first, then come back here.

Training = Treatos

Hoomans – remember to get some yummy treatos when training your doggos – we learn better when there is good food to eat. Some of me faves are these Carnilove treatos. For training mummy cuts them up smaller so that I don’t eats too many.

Let’s get down to business.

Five Simple Steps

  • Your hooman will tell you to sit. So put your bum down on the floor. And try to look eager to learn!
A cockapoo - how to teach a dog to lie down
Me sitting nicely
  • They will hold one (stingy, make it two!) of those yummy treatos in their hand. Right in front of your nose (again). They are so cruel!
A cockapoo - how to teach a dog to lie down
Give me that treato, I can smells it!
  • Their hand is moving. Towards your chest. Where you going with that treato? Best follow it with me nose. Ooops. I followed it so far me is now lying on the floor. Now what hooman? Is that praise I hear? Yay, I gets to eat the treato!
  • Now it’s time to repeat. Rest. Repeat. Rest. Repeat.
  • Now you has the hang of that, they will start adding in that command word as soon as you lie down. Maybe “down”. Maybe “lie”. Maybe “lie down”. Don’t really matter. As long as you learn when they say that command, you lie down. Then you gets treato.

Easy Peasy

And that is how to teach a dog to lie down. This training malarkey is easy furiends! Ok. Some tricks might get a bit harder. But don’t sweat through your paws too much. I will teach you. So keep checking in for more Training Tips & Tricks!


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