How to teach a dog to middle : A cockapoo stood between his owner's legs

How to teach a dog to middle

How to teach a dog to middle – Off to the Classroom

Hi again furiends! I is back to teach you another tip in the series Training Tips & Tricks. This is a new one for me furiends. Me thought me training days were over given I is 3 years old now (nearly 4). But mummy got the idea from some of her clients. Some of them had taught their dogs to “middle” and mummy got some nice photos of them doing it.

So aside from it being a cool trick to do, it can also be useful in some situations. Being in the middle of mummy’s legs is a safe space to be. It’s like she’s protecting me from fings around. So maybe when we’re outside and I is feeling a bit scared, I can sit between mummy’s legs and feel better, cos she got me covered.

Training = Treatos

One thing to remember furiends is that training = treatos. You get treatos when they’re showing you what moves to do. Then you get treatos when you do the move correctly. Now. I shouldn’t be telling you this. But. If you pretends not to understand what you has to do, it means you get trained for longer. That means more treatos….. I is not just clever, I is super clever.

Me loves Carnilove soft snacks, mummy always carries them with her on our walks. They do some yummy flavours like quail with oregano and duck with rosemary. Fancy hey? Only the best will do for me!

I is going to share with you the fings your hoomans will do and the fings they expect you to do so that’s you “middle”, in 6 simple steps.

How to teach a dog to middle in Six Simple Steps

  • Mummy has got some sardines with wild garlic treatos this time. She cuts them up small so I don’t eats so much. So stingy she is. She puts one in each hand. Is I getting 2 treatos? Amazing!
  • She moves one hand behind her, so me follows it. Where you going with that treato mummy?
How to teach a dog to middle : A cockapoo stood between his owner's legs
Following the treato
  • Then her other hand appears between her legs so me follows that one. Now I is between her legs and I get 2 treatos. Me loves learning “middle”, double treatos!
How to teach a dog to middle : A cockapoo stood between his owner's legs
Still following the treato
  • You know by now how these things work furiends. We do this a few times, so I gets the hang of it. I is a big boy now, so don’t need too much rest in between like I did when me was being trained as a puppy. I will keep going until those treatos run out…
  • Mummy now starts adding a command word, “middle”, as she gives me the treatos. And we repeat. Little rest, repeat. Little rest, repeat.
  • Now when mummy says “middle” me knows I have to go and stand (or sit if me is being lazy) in between her legs, and look longingly at her, waiting for treatos.
How to teach a dog to middle : A cockapoo stood between his owner's legs
I is doing “middle”, now give me treatos

Now furiends, your hoomans might prefer it you sit or lie down between their legs. So make sure you know how to do these tricks too: Sit and Lie Down. They might get fancy and use different commands, maybe Middle Sit and Middle Down.

So many variations furiends, and so many commands to remember. Good job I is super clever….

And that’s all there is to it

And there we go furiends. That is how to teach a dog to “middle.” Another trick learnt. More treatos devoured. What shall I teach you next furiends?

Few pics of mummy’s clients doing “middle”. Look at that one dog who is middling between 2 sets of legs! Super cute furiends!

I will be back with more Training Tips & Tricks soon furiends.


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