How to teach a dog to shake hands, cockapoo

How to teach a dog to shake hands

How to teach a dog to shake hands – Off to the Classroom

Hi again furiends! I is back to teach you another tip in the series Training Tips & Tricks. Me don’t really wants to shake mummy’s hand, don’t know where it’s been after all, but if it means me gets treatos then I’ll do it. Just need to clean me paw afterwards. And sometimes mummy takes photos of her clients shaking their dog’s paw, apparently it makes for a nice image.

Also, it supposedly looks cute when hoomans shake our paws and is a polite way for us to greet them. Me not sure about that. I’d rather greet hoomans by giving them a good sniff with me nose. See if they smell good or bad.

Training = Treatos

One thing to remember furiends is that training = treatos. You get treatos when they’re showing you what moves to do. Then you get treatos when you do the move correctly. Now. I shouldn’t be telling you this. But. If you pretends not to understand what you has to do, it means you get trained for longer. That means more treatos….. I is not just clever, I is super clever.

Me loves these fish sprat treatos from JR Pet Products, super yummy yummy!

I is going to share with you the fings your hoomans will do and the fings they expect you to do so that’s you shake hands with them, in 6 simple steps.

How to teach a dog to shake hands in Six Simple Steps

  • They will hold their hand out to you. What you doing mother? The only reason you should be putting your hand out is to give me a treato, but your hand is empty.
How to teach a dog to shake hands, cockapoo
What you doing??
  • What do you want me to do? Lick it? No. Sniff it? No. Nudge it with me head? No. Bite it? (only joking furiends, it’s not nice to bite hoomans). Paw it? YES!!! Me got treato.
  • Mummy is staying quiet through this whole thing. Fank goodness I say, don’t want to hear her screechy voice. So she keeps sticking her hand out to me. Eventually me figures out I need to touch it with me paw, then me gets treato straightaway.
  • Next time me paws her hand, she don’t give me treato straightaway. Me has to touch her clammy hand and hold it there for a couple of seconds before me gets me treato. Hope she’s got some paw sanitiser for me.
How to teach a dog to shake hands, cockapoo
Let go of me paw mother!
  • Bored now. Are we nearly finished? This time, just as me paw is about to touch her hand, she says, “Shake”.
  • Okay okay mummy. Me gets it. You say shake, me puts me paw on your hand, and me gets treato. Me clever boy.

Furiends, all this will happen over several, short training sessions so your little minds don’t get too bored or confused. And when you have understood what “Shake” means, your hooman will gently move your paw up and down whilst they hold it. Seems pointless to me, but as long as me gets treato, me don’t mind.

There are some variations furiends. Your hooman might try to get you to shake with both paws (one at a time, not together silly!). And they might use different words for that. Mummy taught me to “shake” with me right paw, and “paw” with me left paw. Bit unimaginative she was with her command word for me left paw.

And that’s all there is to it

And there we go furiends. That is how to teach a dog to shake hands. Another trick learnt. More treatos devoured. Me needs to get me thinking cap on, and fink of some other tricks I can teach you.

Few pics of mummy’s clients shaking their dog’s paws. Cute hey?

I will be back with more Training Tips & Tricks soon furiends.

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