A cockapoo making eye contact whilst sitting

How to teach a dog to sit

How to teach a dog to sit – Off to the Classroom

Hi again furiends! I is back! This time to teach you somefing. This is me first post in a series called Training Tips & Tricks. Mummy asked me to teach you cos lots of these fings are helpful in a dog photoshoot. So you make nice photos for your hoomans. (Don’t worry if you can’t do them, mummy still make lovely photos of you). The fings we dogs have to do hey…. Can’t we just be left to eat and eat? I means eat and sleep.

One of the first things mummy taught me after she brought me back to my forever home was how to sit. So I teach you that too. I is clever so learnt it very quickly.

Training = Treatos

One thing to remember furiends is that training = treatos. You get treatos when they’re showing you what moves to do. Then you get treatos when you do the move correctly. Now. I shouldn’t be telling you this. But. If you pretends not to understand what you has to do, it means you get trained for longer. That means more treatos….. I is not just clever, I is super clever. I got the hang of sitting very quickly, but no harm in pretending I didn’t for a while longer….

Mummy used these lovely healthy training treats from JR Pet Products on me, lots of yummy flavours. I’d have eaten the whole bag if I could (you may remembers I likes food).

I is going to share with you the fings your hoomans will do and the fings they expect you to do so that’s you sits nicely like I do.

Five Simple Steps

  • Your hooman will have a yummy training treat (shame they is so small) in their hand and expect you to stand in front of them whilst they hold it in front of your nose. Why is they so mean? Give me the treato, I can smells it!
A cockapoo - how to teach a dog to sit
Grandad holding a treato in front of my nose. Did you fink that was mummy’s hand? She old, but not that old!!
  • They will move their hand up and over your head. Still holding that treato. What they doing? Where you going with that treato? So you lifts your nose up to follow the smell. And guess what? Your bum goes down at the same time and hits the floor. Then the best bit. They gives you praise (that’s not the best bit silly furiend) and the treato (that’s the best bit!). Yum yum!
A cockapoo being taught to sit
I’ve had to abandon poor bear to show you this furiends
  • Now, us doggos don’t have big attention spans, especially when we are pupsters. So we do this a few times more. Few minutes but feels like hours furiends. Then we gets a rest before repeating. Rest. Repeat. Rest. Repeat.
Picture of a cockapoo having a nap on the sofa
Little rest needed….
  • Now, things get a little more interesting. We repeat it all again. But this time, as soon as me bum touches the floor, mummy opens her mouth and mutters something. Sounds like “sit”. Then I get treato again (feeling a bit full now, but I can squeeze more in). Rest. Repeat. Rest. Repeat.
  • My head might be little, but my brain starts figuring this out. Mummy says “sit”, I puts my little bum on the floor, and bingo, me gets a treato.

And that’s all there is to it

And that’s all there is to it furiends. Now it may take you a few hours, days, weeks until your brain understands that “sit” = bum on floor. But that’s ok furiends. Take your time – remembers, training = treatos. It’s good to act a little stoopid…

Few pics of me sitting and looking handsome. And mummy wanted me to put a few of the dogs that she’s photographed sitting nicely for the camera.

I will be back with more Training Tips & Tricks soon furiends.

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