Hi furiends. It’s been a little while since I’ve taught you a trick. I’ve been busy visiting pubs instead. So here I am, back with training tips on how to teach a dog to stay.

Not only is this good for general obedience training, but it comes in super handy for a photoshoot with mummy too so that your hoomans don’t have to stand right next to you to have your photo taken.

First you needs to know how to sit or lie down, or both. So makes sure you reads these training blogs first: How to teach a dog to sit, and How to teach a dog to lie down.

6 Simple Steps – How to teach a dog to stay

  • Your hooman will tell you to sit or lie down, so get ready to put your bum down, or your whole body (but no going to sleep, not nap time yet).
A cockapoo staying
Me lazy so I choose to lie down
  • They’ll be stood next to you (good, don’t like not being close to mummy). They’ll wait for 1 second (yawn) then give you a treato. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Then they’ll get you to move around a bit before repeating. Sit or lie down, wait 1 second, treato.
  • They’ll keep doing this until you sit or lie patiently for a full 5 seconds (big yawn) before giving you a treato. I don’t know about you furiends, but 5 seconds is a loooong time…
A cockapoo yawning
Big yaaaawwwwnn
  • Now to the next step. As soon as you’re sitting or lying, they’ll say somefing – “Stay” – and maybe put the palm of their hand out towards you, like a policeman’s stop sign. They’ll wait for that super long 5 seconds again, then give you treato. And we repeat this a few more times. Getting a bit bored now mummy, me go play for a bit?
A cockapoo staying
Is she waving at me?
  • Bored of playing now mummy, me go back to training for a bit? So next bit, hooman is still stood next to you, but now they’ll wait a bit longer after saying “Stay”. 6 seconds. 7 seconds. 8 seconds. And so on. This is torture, me drooling on the floor as me waits patiently for me treato.
  • Next bit is more complicated furiends. Not only will you have to wait patiently for a long time, your hooman will start to move away from you, so you will be all by yourself too (ok ok, technically hooman is still there, but not so close to you). They will keep repeating this until you wait for many, many seconds, and whilst your hooman is a few meters away, before they give you treato.
How to teach a dog to stay - a cockapoo sitting and staying
Me sitting and staying, waiting for me Easter eggs.

Here is a pic of me waiting super patiently for me Easter eggs from Flynn’s Favourites… They were super yummy!

And that is how to teach a dog to stay. Simples furiends, as Aleksandr the meerkat would say. This training malarkey is really easy. But remember me old trick furiends, pretend you don’t understand for a bit longer than necessary, then you gets more treatos. But not so long that your hooman gives up, then you don’t get an treatos! You need to finds that happy medium…

Few pics of some of mummy’s clients patiently staying whilst their hooman stands behind mummy to get their attention and get them looking at the camera. The fings us doggos have to do to please the hoomans…


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