Some of my Favourite Locations for a Dog Photoshoot in London

Whilst you’re more than welcome to suggest a location of your choice – here are a few ideas of parks around London

Greenwich Park


This sprawling park in South-East London is popular amongst dog walkers and joggers, but it’s so vast that finding a quiet spot for a photoshoot is not difficult.

There’s lots of variety in the scenery for both portrait and action photos; long grasses and trees for portraits, and flat open spaces for your dog to run around on. And if you have a water-loving dog, there’s also a pond for water photos (time of year dependent).

Victoria Park


I’ve found a lovely little section of Victoria Park that is hidden away and often empty. There are a variety of trees and shrubs that offer different colours and textures for backgrounds. And in the spring you’ll find an abundance of daffodils.

Victoria Park also has large open areas of grass so if your dog likes chasing a ball, or just otherwise zooming around, we can get some great action photos! And don’t worry if there’s a jogger or two in the background – I can edit them out!

WansteAd Park


Maybe not as well-known as some other parks in London but Wanstead Park and the neighbouring Wanstead Flats offers it all (including beautiful bluebells if you time it right!).

Whether your dog likes lying around in long grass, posing on tree stumps, jumping over logs, or even going for a swim, they can do it all here! And I’ll be there to capture it on camera.

Beckenham Place Park


Beckenham Place Park is a lovely dog-friendly park that I have used for lots of dog photoshoots. The mansion offers a more urban-feeling backdrop and the flower garden adds some bright pops of colour.

There are tree stumps that are perfect for “soul-searcher” images, logs to jump over and wide, flat areas where your dog can burn off some energy!

Ham Lands


Quieter than nearby Richmond Park, and without the deer, Ham Lands makes an ideal location for a dog photoshoot.

Long grass and wild flowers are perfectly suited for beautiful portrait photos. Amongst the grass, the paths become running tracks for those all important action shots. And if your dog fancies a dip in the Thames, well I can capture that too!

Hampstead Heath


These well-known woodlands and meadows are frequented by dog walkers. But there’s so much space that I’ve never failed to find a quiet spot for a dog photoshoot.

Beautiful at any time of year, Hampstead Heath offers a variety of backdrops and surfaces. And of course there’s the famous dog pond, should your dog fancy a dip which I’ll be sure to capture!


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