Blonde cockapoo with a pizzle in his mouth

Indulgence knows no bounds when it comes to treating ourselves and our beloved furry companions. Just as we savour the occasional chocolate bar or slice of cake, our four-legged friends revel in the joy of receiving a delectable treat. However, quality matters just as much as taste. That’s why I advocate for natural dog treats – a choice that not only delights Schlappohr but also promotes his well-being.

So I’m going to explore with you why I prefer natural over processed, some of the treats I buy for Schlappohr, and where I buy them from.

Why natural dog treats?

Natural dog treats act as a supplement to a dog’s everyday diet. Your dog will love the taste and smell of them, but at the same time they contain lots of nutrients and health benefits. Mass-produced dog treats can contain chemicals and preservatives, that you won’t find in natural dog treats. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:


If you buy a single protein dog treat, you’ll be avoiding some of the allergens that mass-produced dog treats contain, such as grain. These allergens can cause upset tummies or itchy skin.

Improved Digestion

Dogs haven’t evolved to eat chemicals. Feeding natural treats is more akin to what they would be used to eating in the wild. They’ll be able to better digest the treats and absorb all the good nutrients contained within them.


Not all dogs tolerate having their teeth cleaned; Schlappohr is one of them. Long-lasting natural chews can help remove plaque and tartar and the saliva they produce gets rid of bacteria.

Skin and Coats

Natural dog treats contain healthy fats to make their coats shine. They also contain Vitamin A which promotes healthy skin, teeth and hair.


You’ll find high levels of protein in natural dog treats and protein boosts your dog’s immunity, as well as improving their organ and muscle health.

Natural de-wormer

Some of these treats have hair on, which helps to cleanse their digestive system and remove worms.

Where to buy natural dog treats

So we’ve explored some of the reasons to feed your dog natural rather processed dog treats. Now let’s look at some of the companies where I buy Schlappohr’s treats from.

JR Pet Products

I’ve been buying treats from JR Pet Products since Schlappohr was a puppy and he loves them. I have a cupboard in the kitchen that is always stocked with treats from JR Pet Products and when I tell Schlappohr he’s getting something from “the cupboard”, he knows exactly what I mean!

Jonathan and Rebecca, with the help of Archie the Labrador, created JR Pet Products because they have a passion for pets, nutrition, innovation and quality. They stock a wide range of products and different proteins so you’re bound to find something (or probably lots of things) that your dog loves.

Some of my favourites (well, Schlappohr’s!) are beef tendons, bull pizzles, ostrich bones, and buffalo hooves. I also buy big bags of whole sprats, and they have a lovely selection of pates which are 100% meat. I use small pieces of the pate as part of Schlappohr’s desensitisation programme.

Blonde cockapoo eating a large ostrich bone from JR Pet Products
Schlappohr with a large ostrich bone

They also sell more unusual proteins such as kangaroo, camel, goat and rabbit. In their primal range you’ll find products such as rabbit ears with hair, great for cleaning your dog’s digestive system.

Petculiar Little Shop

First off – what a great name for a pet shop! Hallé founded Petculiar Little Shop in 2001, with a focus on providing high-quality, natural alternatives to keep our pets in excellent health. As well as stocking products for dogs, Hallé also has food and treats for cats.

In my opinion, one of the most unusual products you’ll find at Petculiar Little Shop is a crocodile leg all the way from Australia. From closer to home you’ll find the Aberdeen Angus beef filled calcium bone. Or if your dog would prefer a salmon or hake fillet, they’ve got you covered!

For Christmas 2023 I treated Schlappohr to their dog advent calendar. And it was more than worth it. A beautifully presented box with individually wrapped natural dog treats. Such care and love had gone into making it, and Schlappohr was delighted with the contents! I had to stop him opening the whole thing on day 1! He was treated to zebra, shark, squirrel and quail, to name but a few. And, unlike my advent calendar, his had something special on Christmas Day too!

Blonde cockapoo investigating a boxed advent calendar from Petculiar Little Shop
Schlappohr investigating his advent calendar

Everest Pet Supply

Everest Pet Supply believes in supporting local communities and providing meaningful products for their customers. I buy yak chews for Schlappohr from Everest Pet Supply. They’re handmade by Himalayan farmers, using traditional methods and ingredients from the region. The yak chews are 100% natural, with no preservatives, and are long lasting.

Blonde cockapoo waiting for a yak chew from Everest Pet Supply
Eagerly awaiting his yak chew

Yak chews are produced from yak and cow’s milk, which are formed into a cheese before being dried. They come in different sizes depending on the size of your dog. And when your dog gets to the end of the chew, the small bit that remains can be microwaved and it turns into a cheese puff. I have to say, they smell delicious and I’ve been very tempted to eat the cheese puffs myself!

Buy Natural!

Your dog will thank you for purchasing natural dog treats. All the benefits that come with them, whilst being tasty and enticing for your dog, make them a perfect treat!

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