Cockapoo at Greenwich Park

Parks: Greenwich Park

I loves a park

There can’t be a doggo out there that doesn’t like a park. Can there?

I for one love a park. Specially if it means I gets to chase balls! And maybe find some fox poo to roll around in!! And Greenwich Park is one of me faves.

It’s not far from my home in East London. Sometimes we take the DLR to Cutty Sark and walk to the park. But more often mummy drives us cos I likes arriving in style. We have to drive under the river – scary stuff! What if we gets wet mummy?

Once we gets there, there is so much space to run around. Big areas perfect for chasing ball. Long grass perfect for sniffing around in. Lots of trees – good for giving some shade when it’s hot. Soooo many smells from all the other doggos that come here.

Some bits are quite steep so I has to pull mummy up. I may be little but I is super strong! Once we get up the steep bits there are great views of London. Stop admiring the view mummy and throw me ball.

There’s even a pond! Ok, sometimes there are boats on it, but when there aren’t, it’s great for us doggos that like to swim. Me love swimming!!

Greenwich Park view
Yes mummy I can see the view. Now throw me ball

So many doggos

And if you likes to meet new doggos (me not so keen on that) then there are lots and lots of dogs here for you to sniff and run around with!

When you need a little rest (running around is super tiring after all) there are lots of benches for sitting on. There’s even a big tree stump to stand on, so you can looks down on the doggos around you.

Cockapoo sat on a bench at Greenwich Park
Admiring the view from a bench. Don’t I looks handsome?


If your hooman is hungry or thirsty, us doggos are allowed on the paved area at the Pavilion Cafe. Remember furiends, if you is good you may get a bit of their food. Try not to look like you’re begging. It’s hard I know. Subtle puppy dog eyes often does the trick. Yum yum.

There are water fountains around too so your hooman can fill up your water bowl.

Dog Photoshoots at Greenwich Park

Mummy has done lots of dog photoshoots at Greenwich Park. She likes it cos there are different backgrounds and textures for portrait images. Short grass. Long grass. Trees. It’s just a shame us doggos aren’t allowed in the lovely flower gardens.

And she loves the action photos. Doggos running around with goofy expressions on their faces! There are lots of flat open spaces at Greenwich Park for that.

And if you likes to swim and the pond is open, she’ll get some photos of you swimming too! Clever mummy.

Furiends, remember to tell your hoomans to bring a towel. For you, not them! Specially in winter cos you can sometimes get muddy. Unless you’re one of those good doggos who likes to stay clean.

Muddy cockapoo at Greenwich Park
Don’t know how this happened….

Writing this has made me wants to go to Greenwich Park right now. Mummy – get your car keys. We is off. Bye bye furiends.

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