Off on the choo choo train to Hampstead Heath

Cockapoo at Hampstead Heath
Who knew this could be soooo much fun?

Hiya furiends. Me is back, to tell you all about my first visit to the lovely Hampstead Heath in north-west London. We first went when me was still a little pupster because mummy thought it would be fun for me to go swimming in the summer. So we got on the choo choo train and had to change a couple of times. Seemed like ages rocking along on the train until we got there. But when we did, oh my days furiends, it’s huge!! Such a big area for me to run around and get lost in. Thankfully me likes to stay close to mummy so didn’t venture too far.

Long grass

As you know furiends I love chasing ball, and it was super fun in the long grasses. Took me ages to find me ball. Lots of running and sniffing around to find it. Hopping through the long grass like a little kangaroo. Mummy was worried we’d lost the ball a few times, but she silly, no way am I not going to find me most favourite thing in the world (well, aside from food that is).

Could have played here all day long


Now, the main reason mummy brought me to Hampstead Heath was to go swimming. She stoopidly thought all dogs just liked to swim. So she took me to the dog pond where lots of other dogs were coming and going, swimming around and having fun. One doggo was having so much fun that it didn’t want to come out. So his hoomum had to wade into the pond to fetch him. Super funny furiends.

Mummy didn’t have that problem. In fact, me really didn’t want to go in the water. Don’t understand. Why is this fun mummy? Don’t wants to get wet. She tried throwing some sticks in for me to chase, but she must think I is stoopid. No stick is worth getting wet for mummy. We were there for hours and hours and hours. She was determined for me to go in.

Not stoopid mummy, this stick is not worth me getting wet

So we sat on the grass for a bit and had somefing to eat. Me had a little nap, I was still young and all this stress of trying to swim was tiring. Eventually we went to the pond again. Do we have to mummy? Mummy threw my ball in, thinking that would make me go in. What to do? My ball is drifting away but me don’t wants to get wet. I try following another doggo in but just can’t bring meself to do it. The nice doggo retrieved me ball and brought it back to me.

Nice doggo went to get me ball

But finally, me took a deep breath, and took the plunge. In I went, up to me head, and started paddling frantically. Didn’t want to drown. And it was so cold furiends. Brrrr. No way mummy would have got into that water, far too cold.

Who knew this could be soooo much fun?


And guess what furiends? It was actually quite fun. But didn’t want to show mummy that I was enjoying it, didn’t want her to get a big head after all, “Told you so Schlappohr, told you you’d enjoy it.’ Be quiet mummy, let me swim. I was a right diva when I got out. Writhing around all over the place to get dry as me hates being wet. And much to mummy’s horror me rubbed meself all over the sand and got all dirty. Serves you right mummy, this was your idea after all. And that meant me having to have a bath when we got home. At least the water was a bit warmer…

Tiring Day

Both me and mummy were tired after that outing. I had a long nap, dreaming of doggy paddling, kicking me legs around in me sleep. At least in your dreams you stay dry…

Till next time furiends….


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