Picture of a cockapoo sat on a sofa

Say NO to drugs.
It’s not big and it’s not clever.

The day started so well…

I wanted to warn my furiends and their hoomans about the danger of drugs after an incident that happened to me recently and why you must say NO to drugs.

I’d been away at me grandad’s for a few weeks. First day back in London I was super excited to be going on me lunchtime walk with me lovely dog walkers and me buddies. I was wiggling me big bum like crazy and giving them all so many kisses!

I was having a great time. Running around. Playing chase. Fetching balls.

New Food

As you have probably gathered by now furiends, I likes to eat (if you didn’t know you can read about some of the stuff I like to eat here). In the park I found some hooman poo. I’ve never tried it before so gave it a sniff. It smelt good. So gave it a lick. Not bad. So I tucked in. It was yummy!! My dog walkers quickly came running and pulled me off it. What are you doing ladies? I wants more of it!

Anyways. Mummy wasn’t impressed when I got home and told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to lick her.

I had me lunch and a little nap. Was tiring running around the park.

The Room is Spinning

Then I went to sit next to mummy on the sofa and started feeling a little woozy. Me head was wobbling from side to side. Mummy got me to walk around. Me legs felt funny, like they couldn’t support me body. I was walking a bit like mummy does after she’s been on the grape juice (sorry mummy!!).

Me head was wobbling and not from tiredness
Unsteady on me paws

Mummy took me to see me friend Rita. I is normally super happy to see her. Running around. Giving her kisses. But not this time. I was feeling quite weird.

Scary Vet Visit

Mummy and Rita quickly took me to mummy’s car and off we went to the scary vet (Poplar Vets). Ok, I’m being a bit mean. They are nice to me but they stick sharp things in me and I don’t likes it. I was shaking and my breathing was a little shallow. I had to stay there by meself. They stuck a needle in me leg and made me sick. Out came the nice poo I’d eaten. The vet could smell something. Apparently there was a strong smell of cannabis, whatever that is…

I had to eat some black stuff called charcoal to soak up any toxins that were still in me belly. I was hungry so of course I ate it all like a good boy. They put lots of fluids in to me through the needle thing in me leg. Kept needing to pee.

Picture of a cockapoo's shaved leg after visit to the vet
Look at me skinny leg where they shaved me fur!

A few hours later mummy came to take me to another vet (Medivet Camberwell) – one that I could stay at overnight so they could keep a beady eye on me and make sure I was ok. I embarrassingly had an accident so I was quite stinky in the car and poor Rita had me bum on her lap (sorry Rita).

Picture of a cockapoo at the vet - say no to drugs
Looking sorry for meself at the vet


Next day I was allowed home. So happy I was to see mummy, she didn’t mind me licking her face. She was just happy to see me recovered from my ordeal.

Picture of a cockapoo in the back of a car
On me way home

First thing she did was put me in the dreaded bath cos I was stinky and had a black charcoal beard.

She stoopidly thought we would have a quiet day, with me catching up on sleep. Of course I didn’t want to sleep! I wanted to play; ripping up me toys and pushing balls under the furniture. Mummy said she knew I was feeling better cos I was up to mischief…

The moral of this story – no matter how hungry you are furiends, do not eat hooman poo. It might contain nasty cannabis which is not good for us doggos. Drugs are bad furiends, SAY NO TO DRUGS.

Hoomans – you know your dogs. If they don’t look/act like normal, trust your instincts and get them to the vet. For further information about the dangers of cannabis and dogs, click here.

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