Secure dog fields are cropping up across the nation, offering a haven for dog owners seeking a safe and stress-free environment for their furry companions. The surge in popularity can be attributed to various reasons, from managing reactive behaviour and poor recall, to providing distraction-free training spaces. Whether you have a spirited pup or just want to enjoy quality time without the worry of unwanted interactions, these secure dog fields are the answer.

In this exploration, we delve into three top-notch secure dog fields in Essex, all easily accessible from East London. Join us on a journey through Well Dog Field in Grays, Humphrey’s Happy Hounds in Romford, and the expansive Ruffian Wood at Porters Farm in Kelvedon.

As mentioned in a previous post, my dog Schlappohr is reactive, so having a safe place to take him, where he can be off-lead with no other dogs or people around is so important. Both he and I can relax and enjoy our time together without stress.

Well Dog Field, Grays

Well Dog Field offers an acre of grass and small wooded area for your dog to explore. There is plenty of space for running around. In the wooded area you’ll find a dog library – where you can take a stick and give a stick!

They have a water tap and bowls, so don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to bring water for your dog, as well as supplies of poo bags.

There is parking for up to three cars, right next to the entrance to the field. You can book a slot of 50 mins, or 1 hour 50 mins, and there is a 10 minute turnaround between bookings.

We visited the field near to Hallowe’en and the owners of the field had thoughtfully decorated the field, including a rather scary ghost hanging in the trees!

A building at Well Dog Field decorated with cobwebs and pumpkins for Halloween

Humphrey’s Happy Hounds, Romford

Humphrey’s Happy Hounds offers two acres of open field and wooded area. The wooded area in this secure dog field is lovely and cool on hot, sunny days.

There is a gazebo with chairs for the owners and a small supply of water for the dogs. If they’re big drinkers, you might want to bring some extra.

Two cars can park close to the field entrance. Bookings can be made for a 50 min slot, or a double 1 hour 50 mins slot, with a 10 minute turnaround time.

We visited the field late summer when there were lots of blackberries growing in the hedgerows. I’m not sure if I was supposed to but I did eat a few and they were delicious! Schlappohr enjoyed a couple too, although he was more interested in chasing his ball!

A cockapoo running in an open field at Humphrey's Happy Hounds secure dog field

Porters Farm, Kelvedon

Slightly further from us, but well worth the drive, is Ruffian Wood at Porters Farm. Here you’ll find a huge 10 acre secure field with meadows, young woodland, a pond for the dogs, benches and picnic area.

You’ll also find an off-grid Shepherd’s Hut that can be rented out for short stays or a for a few hours in conjunction with the secure dog field.

Ruffian Wood can be booked for a single 55 mins slot, or a double slot which is 1 hour 50 mins.

When I’ve visited this secure dog field I’ve taken advantage of the double slot. I’ve taken a picnic and it’s been a lovely day out. Schlappohr has a blast, chasing his ball in the meadow, sniffing around the woods, and of course taking a dip in the pond!

Vast open grassland at Porters Farm

Things to Remember

Each dog field, whether it’s Well Dog Field, Humphrey’s Happy Hounds, Porters Farm, or any other that you book and visit, has its own Terms and Conditions so please familiarise yourself with them before booking. Ts & Cs will include things such as cancellation policy as well as the secure dog field’s policy on banned or restricted dog breeds.

Don’t arrive before your booked start time, or if you do, remain in your car until it’s your turn. And make sure you’ve exited the field at the end of your slot.

One last thing to say is please, please do pick up after your dog so that all users can enjoy a clean dog field.

If you’ve never visited a secure dog field before, I’d really recommend it. Schlappohr and I really enjoy ourselves when we visit one.

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