Cockapoo with dog bowl at Star of the East

Pubs: The Star of the East

Dog Friendly Places

Hi furiends! This post is part of my Dog Friendly Places series. There are some lovely pubs, cafes, shops that open their arms to us doggos and quite right too!!

Quite often me and mummy go to a pub called The Star of the East. It’s near Westferry in East London. It’s only a few stops on the DLR, but do we take it? No. Mummy usually makes me walks there. 1 hour! She finks it will tire me out so that I will sits nice and quiet while she eats. She is stoopid!! There is food around. No way am I going to sit quietly.

We always meet mummy’s friends Emma & Jonathan there. You probably noticed furiends that mummy and Emma have the same names. Why? That is silly. How do hoomans know which is which? I have never met another doggo with the name Schlappohr. Cos I is unique.

Cockapoo waiting to go into Star of the East
Waiting patiently for Emma & Jonathan to arrive

Emma & the Fragments

Anyways. Emma and Jonathan plays music in a band called Emma and the Fragments. I has not heard their music cos I is too young to go to their gigs. But mummy says it is good. And I trust mummy (most of the time, except when we has to walk to the pub).

We normally get a nice big table in the corner. Remember furiends, me don’t like most hoomans, so don’t want lots of ’em walking past my table or me will bark and bark.

The nice people at the pub, I believes they called staff, bring me a bowl of water. I had a long walks to get here, so I is thirsty. I like to leave a big trail of water on the floor so they has somefing to clean when I has gone.

Cockapoo with dog bowl at Star of the East
Is that for me?

Super Annoying

Mummy is thirsty too. She don’t have water though. She on fancy stuff called grape juice (no photoshoots for her today otherwise the photos will be blurry…). Apparently she needs it cos she knows I am going to be super annoying. Just cos I likes to sit right next to her, usually on her, giving her cuddles, doesn’t make me annoying! I loves you mummy, don’t want to sits more than a cm away from you. Kiss kiss mummy.


At some point I start to smell somefing. Smells like food furiends. I am beside meself with excitement. But I get shoved to the floor. Outrageous!! But I do my best to get back up on the bench. Stop pushing me down mummy! I wants your food. Actually, I wants Emma & Jonathan’s food. I spy chicken. None of that lentil stuff mummy is eating.

If I is good, Jonathan takes pity on me and gives me his leftover chicken. Yum yum yum. I licks the plate clean. No point wasting it. Maybe a few carrots too. Beggars can’t be choosers. Who knows when I’ll next get to eat. Don’t want to starve.

Cockapoo at Star of the East
Please Jonathan. I is super hungry

If he’s lucky, he’ll get a kiss from me as fank you.

Cockapoo kissing Jonathan from Emma and the Fragments
Fank you, fank you Jonathan

Now, here is the best bit. If I has been really good (not too much barking or growling), I gets a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh my days furiends! I wolf it down in one. Please mummy, may I have some more?

Cockapoo eating ice cream at Star of the East
Ice cream!!!! Took me all of 5 seconds to polish that off

I is bored now. Food gone. More grape juice has come. Mummy is waffling on about stuff. Be quiet mummy. Me tired now. What do you mean we’re walking home?

Cockapoo with Emma and the Fragments at Star of the East
You still there mummy? Getting a little cuddle from Emma and Jonathan xx

After a few hours we is back home and I is finally lying quietly and sleeping. Mummy also seems sleepy for some reason?

Until next time furiends. Eat well.

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